How Jalyka Smith Became “Jalyka, Inc” Young Black Entrepreneur

Jalyka Smith, CEO and Founder of Jalyka, Inc.
Jalyka Smith, CEO and Founder of Jalyka, Inc.

Jalyka Smith expanding her entertainment portfolio.

Before Jalyka Smith became “Jalyka, Inc” A young entrepreneur, She was a the oldest member of a young entertainment group, Smith III, Working hard to make it in the music industry.

“I Vividly remember all the sleepless nights and the hard work that we did while training to be musicians”, Jalyka said. Her mom always told her to do what she loved, and making people feel beautiful is what I loved to do, Jalyka continued. This is why I created Jalyka, Inc. Jalyka explained that Jalyka, Inc. is a place for her to introduce her style and share her ideas with the world. 

Being a musician is a lot of work, it was like running a show at all times with a lot of moving parts. So it was easy for her to take those skills here to her new company. Jalyka Smith created Jalyka, Inc as her safe place to be herself, with her own makeup, hair, and style. 

It was not all fun, because the sleepless is a continuation of one video or product to the next. Jalyka is used to that kind of work, and the end product sharing what she comes up with and people love it, really is worth it too. 

The judgment from people that she should go to school like everyone else or that she would fail still happens every day. The worst part is when it comes from a close family, but she continues to have a vision and goal and she will continue to work until she achieves her goals. 

Jalyka Smith/Instagram account

Even on her social media accounts, currently, she has many companies that want to partner with her. This is exciting, Jalyka just wants to continue to do what she loves and maybe inspire someone to step out of their comfort zone and do the same. 

About a year ago, Jalyka started her TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, since then she had gained almost 500,000 followers and 6M likes. There’s been an undeniable shift in social media and I am just happy to be able to be apart of it, Jalyka gleamed. 

Every single person has the right to feel beautiful and be themselves, just by believing in yourself and following your dreams.

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