Meet Jalyka Smith of the Smith III

The Smith III are three siblings, Jalyka, Dalyk, and Alyk Smith from Riviera Beach, Fl. All three were born in Palm Beach County. At an early age, they began to show interest in music and singing. Therefore with the help of their parents, The Smith III was born in 2009.

Jalyka Smith

Jalyka Smith/AI Photography/park shoot

Jalyka is the eldest of the group and the only girl. She is really goofy and adds a melodic flavor to the group. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. Her family and friends would tell anyone that she is the funniest one in the group. Jalyka has a nurturing spirit, and she loves to play with younger kids, this inspired the group’s motivational inspiring sound.

Jalyka Smith has many different voices and accents that she uses to make them laugh and stay entertained, along with her singing. She stated that it is interesting listening to children speak and exploring their fresh take on life.

Jalyka believes there is always something to learn and discover from every person she meets or comes in contact with.

In aspiring about the future, Jalyka believes she will never have reached her personal goals because she is always making new ones. Every goal she achieves, she makes sure there is another one lined up right behind it so that she is constantly growing.

At current goal is that Jalyka would like to get better at the instruments she already knows and learns new ones.

Jalyka really likes to draw and act so I want to improve in those areas as well. She also created the artwork for the group’s second album.

Smith III Celestial Album Cover designed by Jalyka Smith

Usually, it’s challenging for someone to say they have no regrets, but Jalyka says she truly has none. She expresses that although at the moment bad decisions might hurt, every little (or big) mistake is a lesson and stepping stone to higher ground.

Jalyka is happy about where she is and where she is going so there is no reason to dwell on regrets.

Jalyka’s favorite artists she learns from are Tupac, Beyoncé, Zendaya, Ariana Grande, and Chris Brown.

She is working and meeting the challenges to get on their level, she believes this adventure is fun. She constantly dreams of all my work paying off.

In the future, Jalyka would like the group to have a television show, sold-out tours worldwide, songs #1 on the Billboard Charts, perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and win a grammy.

Jalyka hopes one day, she has a heavy positive influence on the world; one day everyone will know The Smith III names.