Smith III: A Music Miracle Waiting To Happen

Smith III: A Music Miracle Waiting To Happen

Topping the votes in is this year’s young but determined trio. The Smith III started out as young individual singers who, in their young age already asked their parents that they wanted to sing. These kids even learned to carry a tune even before they could talk. When the eldest of the siblings asked her parents that she wanted to sing, her mom’s initial reaction was to say no. It was not until the second and the youngest also asked their parents for the same thing. And from then on the Smith III was unstoppable. When their parents sought help from experts to train their children, it was like hearing a musical miracle when they sung together. Now the family shares the bond of love and their passion for music.

Smith III Conquering School Campuses

When the trio began to perform for the people, it was instant! The crowd loves them and made them instant super stars. From then on, the trio started to perform in school campuses, at Roosevelt Middle School for 650 people. It’s like the trio were naturally gifted entertainers. They never fail to amaze the crowd wherever they go. Now they have several song and dance numbers requested by school campuses. Jalyka 11, the eldest of the group is a natural charmer. Dalyk 8 would not say no for an answer. Before they got the chance to sing and entertain the crowd he always wanted to impress his teachers and sing in front of the class. The youngest, Alyk 6, watched as his elder siblings wowed the crowd and eventually joined the group.

Get A Stamp On It!

Their first single, Get A Stamp On It! is an inspirational pop music. In comparison to modern songs, this single carries a message of hope, love and peace. As innocence and the purity of the song’s message depicts the nature of the singers. Imagine, at a young age, these children already know the value of inspiring the people through good music. The new single hits majority of the fan votes at and the vote still rise.

Never Giving Up On The Dream

Smith III believes that persistence is the key to success. So, there is no stopping them in pursuing their dream! The trio had to face a couple of roadblocks at their young age. They lost a relative, and Alyk was almost in the brink of death because of a chronic asthma attack. Jalyka and Dalyk almost stopped to pursue their dreams. However, their parents realized that to deprive their children of singing means to take away their happiness. And so Mr. Anthony Smith and Dr. Lydia Smith did everything that they could to help their children reach their dreams. The road to get there may not be easy, but together, as one family, they are determined to do it, no matter what! Proof to this is that the children are home schooled, their parents are helping them balance school and their singing career. The Smith III, to conquer the biggest stage…soon!

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