The Smith III – Young Kids On The Early Track For Success

The Smith III – Young Kids On The Early Track For Success

The music bug sometimes does not wait for adulthood to bite.  We all hear the stories of today’s top artists loving to perform at an early age.  But what took so long to gain them stardom?  Were they held back?  Our latest find, The Smith III, is wasting no time in getting their name out there at an early age with goals of success.

The Smith III

The group from West Palm Beach, Florida is made up of three siblings in the Smith family.  The surprise is that they are still so young and are already expressing their talents to the world.  Jalyka 11, Dalyk 8, and Alyk 6 amazed their American and Jamaican parents with their ability to perform and harmonize without any formal training.  Upon realizing that these kids could not be held back the family decided to sacrifice everything to help them accomplish their dreams.   They all are focused on musicianship and voice training by their music teacher Mrs. Eileen Herzop-Basin and hooked up with Chuck Hemann at Palm Beach Sound Studio to help produce songs to showcase this talent to anyone that will listen.

The Smith III recently released their debut album Diamond In The Rock.  The 11 track album is available on iTunes and Amazon.  This is party pop record produced by the talented J-Sharpe.  The opener ‘Born To Shine’ lets you know right away that you are in for a good time.  The kids each take their turn at the microphone showing that this is no one kid show.  With songs like ‘One Day At A Time’ and ‘Won’t Let You Break Me’ stress that The Smith III will not be stopped until they have their success.  The standout single is ‘Put A Stamp On It’.  Here we have a danceable song with vocals that lead you in all different directions.  Go take a listen for yourself at:

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