The Smith III

The Smith III

Dalyk, Jalyka, and Alyk Smith, aka The Smith III, have been displaying musical talent since a very young age.

No matter how hard their mother pushed academics, she could not stop her little ones from expressing their love of singing and music.

Once it became obvious their talent could not be held back, their parents decided it was time to sacrifice what they needed to in order to help pave the way for their children’s musical career.

Sending them for lessons in singing and musicianship, The Smith III released “Put a Stamp On It” as their first single. After a positive response, they headed into the studio with producer J-Sharpe to create Diamond In A Rock.

They were featured in Billboard magazine, Dec 2012 issue. With so many years in front of them it will be exciting to see where this young group of talent goes next.

You can get their album from The Smith III’s website or connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.



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