Fun, Positive Music for All

Fun, Positive Music for All


 Jalyka, Dalyk and Alyk Smith are three Florida born creative young souls with a dream of creating “fun, positive music for all” to the tune of pop, rap and R’n’B under the band name Smith III. Musically influenced by the likes of Jackson 5 and James Brown, the trio create upbeat and lively songs of self affirmation and hopeful inspiration and their latest 11 track release Diamond In A Rock is surely no exception.

Featuring songs like Born to Shine and Won’t Let You Break Me, it doesn’t take much to realize that Diamond In A Rock is going to be an album full of zazz and pow behind a message of inner strength in dealing with life issues.

Touching slightly on an electronic dance beat throughout Party and Press Restart and with the touching lyrics of Missing You, these Smith siblings and their album Diamond In A Rock are setting their sights high, and proving, almost with ease, that their on their way to the top.

With a deep seeded streak of determination and an adorable twinkle in their smiles, these multi-talented kids are making their mark on the world, one recording at a time. Make sure you get on board to get a taste of their good vibes.

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 Review by Siobhan Chapman

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