Smith III to partner with The City of Riviera Beach in End of School Community Summer Bash

Smith III to partner with The City of Riviera Beach in End of School Community Summer Bash

City of Riviera Beach and The Smith III, young sibling stars insisting on making a difference through their music with their hit single “Put A Stamp On It” and empowering children in the community, even after violence took away five family members.


PRLog (Press Release) – May 26, 2012 – It has been almost two years since tragedy hit the Smith III with the death of five family members of Natasha Whyte-Dell, who died in a tragic murder suicide in October 2010. Since then, the agonizing heartache has empowered their new single “Put A Stamp On it” to encouraging children and adults alike to stop procrastinating and make the change they want in life today. Lydia Smith, Mother and Manager of the Smith III, recalled the tragedy with tears in her eyes and told us “what they are doing needs to be done now because tomorrow is not promised to anyone”. This needs to be done to change the habitual violence and crime in our neighborhood.

With The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) just finishing and most of the schools along with children have been stressing about results. The Smith III are delivering a powerful message in their lyrics like “You’re wasting time if you think, life is gonna’ come to you. You need to meet your ship even when you take a dip.” Smith III are often compared to the Jackson 5, however, are making and claiming their own path through their pop hit single “Put A Stamp On It”. We had an opportunity to talk to a student at Roosevelt Middle School, who watched them perform at the talent show for Muscular Dystrophy on Friday May 25th and agreed that they are amazingly talented young stars. “I am glad they are from here, and I can not wait to go to the event and see them again”, she added.

The Smith III have recently partnered with the City of Riviera Beach for an End of School Community Summer Bash, June 2, 2012 @ 1pm. The Community Bash event will be held at the beautiful Dan Calloway Amphitheater to reward the children of the community for their hard work through the year. A representative told us “It is not always easy, but we wanted the young people to know that we appreciate and support them”, also “If they continued and worked hard they will succeed”. Lydia Smith stated the community is the foundation; Smith III wanted the children to know that whatever goals, dreams or ideas they have to just “Put A Stamp On It”.

City of Riviera Beach Park and Recreation and Aljdaas Isles Management hosts their first End of Summer Community Summer Bash to help uplift the children of the community, rewarding the schools, students and teachers for their hard work on the FCAT during the school year. The event starts Saturday, June 2, 2012 @ 1 pm at the Dan Calloway Amphitheater 1420 W. 10th Street, Riviera Beach, Fl 33404. Featuring the Video Production and release of Smith III’s hit single Put A Stamp On It and other talented guest performers.

For more information contact 561-845-4070

Dr. Lydia Smith 561-889-1663!/THESMITHIII


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