Put A Stamp On It By The Smith III: Spreading Like Wildfire

Put A Stamp On It By The Smith III: Spreading Like Wildfire

Have you heard of this adorable trio? If you haven’t, then this is high time for you to know them up close and personal. If you are so much into the world of entertainment, you are probably looking out for the freshest stars that will wow the audience. Smith III does not only have the wow factor but they deliver a message that will surely hit that soft spot in your heart. The trio just recently recorded their very first single, Put A Stamp On It! This is one type of music that you can sing and dance to whether you are at the mall, taking a shower, or doing your daily jogging routine.

How They Started

The names of the members of Smith III are Jalyka 11, Dalyk 8, and Alyk 6. They are siblings that share the passion for music and entertainment. These kids started to sing at the age of 2. Although barely audible, it was easier for them to hum a tune that to start speaking. The eldest of the Siblings Jalyka has always wanted to pursue a career in singing. Her mother Dr. Lydia Smith tried to discourage her daughter and asked her to focus on her studies. Eventually, the second child, Dalyk also asked her mother if he can pursue a career in singing. Inevitably, the youngest, Alyk showed his passion for singing as well. Overwhelmed by her kids’ passion for entertainment, she eventually gave in. The Smith III’s parents had them vocally trained and now they are capturing the hearts of every audience.

Their Driving Force And Mission

Smith III believes that a good song should not only have a good tune but a good message. Inspired by the Jackson 5, the trio wish to have the same impression to the public. Singing songs of inspiration that people of all ages can relate to is their ultimate goal. There are already a lot of songs out there and some of the message that it shares do not motivate young individuals to positively move forward with their life. This is what the trio wants to be known for. They might be young but they know how to have fun and share their passion in a way that will inspire a lot of people.

How They Will Conquer The World Of Entertainment

The trio is doing it one step at a time. They make sure that they do their best performance in every stage they perform in, it shows. With the way the crowd reacts to their performance. Every number an applause and every song a cheer. These guys may be occupied with singing but their mother makes sure that they also do well in their studies. Must be a hard feat to keep up with, but their mother believes that with the right support system everything will turn out great. Besides, there is really no point in depriving the Smith III of singing because they will always find their way back to the thing that they love to the most.

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